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Stoptober and Tobacco Free Month

Stoptober and Tobacco Free Month

Publicado: 2017-12-13

For the sixth year in a row, the British health services are launching "Stoptober", the contraction of the verb stop and the month of October. The principle of the demonstration is simple: in October we stop smoking! It has been six years since the UK health services launched the' Stoptober' concept to encourage people to quit smoking. The Public Health England is behind this project, which, as its name suggests, invites smokers to stop smoking for 28 days in October. This year, Stoptober will showcase the electronic cigarette, which is the real star of the event's television campaign. 

Stoptober highlights electronic cigarette

Stop smoking in October! The UK authorities have chosen to use a smoking cessation method in the UK for the new edition of its Stoptober campaign. Last year, 53% of participants in the event chose the electronic cigarette to try to succeed in their challenge: quitting smoking! At the same time, the beginning of the year has been a success story, with weaning success rates increasing from an average of 15.7% over the last few years to 20%.

The National Health Service intends to build on these successes and will launch its televised campaign to promote the use of electronic cigarettes. Success and accessibility. According to a report by University College London, smoking cessation among the poorest workers has increased sharply. Knowing that England is heavily involved in the fight against smoking, and that social criteria are part of the smoke-free generation plan, we understand the importance of this approach.

Journalist Jean Luc Collongues de la Dépêche interviewed tobacco nurse Cathy Moulai about Operation Tobacco Free Month. The Tobacco Free Month activity invites smokers to quit smoking in November in a collective effort, for Cathy Moulai who is one of the facilitators of the addiction cluster at the La Gespe health centre, the program is "very encouraging".

Tobacco Free Month in France:"It's very motivating"

The journalist from La Dépêche interviewed the professional, in an attempt to measure the impact of Tobacco-Free Month in France. The nurse explained in the interview that she received a lot of requests, and felt that the program was "very encouraging. This incentive would be due in particular to the "group approach", the challenge side also the "chick on stop". But incentive does not necessarily mean efficiency! So, how's tobacco-free month in France working?

Does Tobacco Free Month work?

The nurse explains that "nicotine is more addictive than heroin. This justifies the differences between each smoker: some smokers had a remission period following the previous edition of the Month Without Tobacco, others a temporary cessation, and others a permanent cessation. In sum, there is inequality on the subject.

What about the vape starter kit?

Asked about the journalist's methods of quitting smoking, the nurse reports that she says it is a "very good product". Reducing the number of cigarettes smoked before making a permanent stop also reduces the risk of relapse. However, the disadvantage for the professional is that we keep the gestures.

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